Thank you God for soo many things

by Paulina (Kenya)

i thank you God for answering my prayer about a baby. protect it in the womb like you protected your son Jesus. keep us both in good health and faith that we may always depend on you. i also pray for my marriage that you May live in it for ever, where your love will endure for ever. bless my husbands hard work and keep off third parties that may make us collide open his eyes wider for him to be more creative and innovative. bless our children and that they may grow in you. All of us will never lack anything and will never step backwards rather we will always go forward. Thanks for my Job, protect it, help me love it and do it passionately & uplift me higher & higher.

Protect me from enemies who may want to spoil my name and give me wisdom to avoid them and their evil. let me trust and believe in you alone because yo have given me life, health and strength. Thank you abundantly for my Good Mum. she is a blessing in my life. may you keep her for many years in good health and happiness.i can’t type it all here but you know my heart better.God thank you sooooo much. i LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!!!

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