Thank you for your miraculous intercession in my life.

St. Jude,

Thank you for your miraculous intercession in my life. Everyday, I awaken with a sense of purpose and feeling of being blessed. I feel safe in my cozy home even with so many external stresses. There is so much to be thankful to the Lord for. I am in so much of a better place than I was a year ago. This is thanks to the Lord and St. Jude. I have hope now and positivity. Thank you oh Lord for the electricity problem being worked out. Thank you for my husband’s job and the self esteem and experience that he has received. Lord, thank you for this new life and the little kicks I feel throughout the day. Thank you for my wonderful strong drug free husband and kind children. Lord, thank you for our ability to have transportation, pay bills and buy food. Thank you for this new home and our fresh new start, I feel like I am closer to the Lord through St. Jude. PLease oh Lord, let us be able to keep our transportation. Please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Oh Lord, please protect this new life and let us prosper. Please let us be able to pay our bills, keep our car and buy groceries. Oh Lord, please let me receive child support and let us be more financially profitable. In your name.


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