Thank you for your continued intercession in our lives.

St. Jude,

Thank you for your continued intercession in our lives. We have a lot on our plates with my daughter sick and this hearing coming up on Wednesday. The move is stressful as well. So much stuff going on. However, I want to put my life in the Lord’s hands. St. Jude, thank you for your gift of hope in such a tumultuous time.

I am almost brought to tears with the thought of having hope. That the lord can make miracles happen through St. Jude’s intercession. I’ve been so hopeless, but it wasn’t til I started praying that I felt the strength to conquer my fears. Thank you, oh Lord for my husband’s job and his boost in self confidence. He needed that so desperately after the past year.

Thank you for this new life and this much needed move to OC. Thank you for our stability and our ability to have food and transportation. Please, oh Lord, let us be able to keep our car and let this bankruptcy hearing go well. We need transportation for work and medical appointments. Please protect this new life.

Please, oh Lord let us be fruitful both financially and physically. Please lord let this move go smoothly and let us be able to afford food and the rent. I trust in the Lord to let this move go well and hope with all of my heart and soul that I am in peace. In your name.


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