Thank you for the miracle of life.

by Insignificant Homosapien (Earth Planet, Milky Way Galaxy)

First off my lord I give you thanks for allowing me to be alive even though I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. I thank you for the health you have given my family and friends in allowing air to fill our lungs. I give you thanks for not letting me feel alone even though I have never had a physical person to make me feel un alone. I give you thanks to allow me to study a career in which I got a chance to help people with their medical problems which took all my life, but I never received one nickle or dime from anyone and instead just aquired hundreds of thousdands of school debt, and have nothing to show for it except the knowledge and expirence which at the end of the day can’t be taken away except through your willingness for my earthly death. I don’t worry about anything because I don’t have anything. I do pray for a miracle to help the people which I call family because of the suffering my expirences which I have shared with them brings them. I pray for a miracle to not allow them to worry about loosing everything they have because they tried to pay for my school education. And lastly I pray for the miracle to continued life without the suffering of wanting to welcome death. I lastly pray for the miracle of not allowing the people around me suffer even though I know that where their is life their is inevitably suffering.

Thank you lord for your mercy.

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