Thank you for the miracle God

by Jill (Cleveland, OH)

Dear God,

Thank you so very much for turning what could have been a tradegy into a blessing. My husband had started to drown last weekend, and I could not jump in to save him being 8 months pregnant and I was watching our 17 month old son at the time.

My husband was life flighted after EMS waviered back and forth as to how they would handle his treatment and my son and I were sent away from my husband because they thought I would go into pre term labor from the shock of witnessing the accident.

My husband is bruised and banged up but he is with us today, which fills out family with much thankfulness and gratitude. In the big scheme of things, life is very precious and makes day-to-day annoyances seem insignificant.

My heart is full of grace, gratitude and thankfulness to Your will, Lord, for this second chance given to our growing family. However, today worry and anxiety has hit me with the anticipation of the life flight helicopter bill. I trust that You will provide all of our family’s needs (including financial), Lord. I pray to you that my family will come out of this with minor brusies and minds that will heal, and with the financial means to re-pay the large medical bills. Please provide me with the strength to work with the hospital’s financial assistance help department and the insurance company, while nearing my delivery date, to ease the stress that a heavy financial burden can place on a family.

I pray with expectancy since I know all things are done though Him and the Lord wants my family to flourish and have the means to help others and give freely to others. I am praying boldly that it shall be done. I have to give this up to you, Lord, for the worry is not productive and I know it’s best to devote my time and energy to do Your good doing and impacting others by having You work though me.

Lord, hear our prayer and the prayers of others in need.

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