Thank you for taking this time to listen

by Elisa (UK)

Dear Lord, Please help my mum, she has been promised treatment so many times, without anything coming of it due to further non-related problems, as i am sure you already know. I suppose i am selfish asking that my brother and I keep our mum for much, much longer, but she is our life, our hopes and our dreams. You gave us to her when she was told that she would never have children, so we have already witnessed your powers, please Lord I now ask for another, please relieve my mum of this Cancer, please help find a cure without having to test things on animals.

Please help my mum, she has loved you all her life and i believe you know her, and know she is a good person, deserved of help, she is a kind person who has overcome a lot in her life, my brother and I help all we can but we ask now for your help to keep her safe and make her well, she would not ask this for herself, but always asks for help for others. She is our world, there is no other, take time from me if you would like but however you do it please heal my mum.

Thank you for taking this time to listen, please help the other people here aswel to be good and kind, to not hurt others or creatures that cannot protect themselves. Please Lord, please, make my mum well and suffering free, help her breathe properly again and without struggle. She is my mum, my life. Thank you. Amen.