Thank you for placing Godly women in my life

by Nathan (Winston Salem, NC USA)

There are people in this world from birth that God has underprivileged with blindness, cripple, heart trouble, handicaps and barriers and has caused much suffering in their lives. I have had so many surgeries and I’m in pain everyday but I push myself to earn a living.

I don’t asked for much but to help me get by on a day to day basis. I honor God and Jesus Christ and always share their love for those who needs Him in their lives. I have no shame in announcing that Jesus as my Savior but I feel that He has no feelings for me. I’ve been put through the test since I was a young man and still I took the stand for God. If I had to put my life on the line to chose Jesus the Christ from other gods, I would gladly die for His Honor as His Servant.

I take chances on the lottery because I hope that I can have enough income to live comfortable, but I see in other countries people who are starving and sick need more than God has allowed me to have. I’ve backslide because I have no support from my family but to scared to break God’s Covenant with my wife. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me now. I’m sick and can’t touch my wife, can’t pay my bills and will be in the street soon if things don’t change, I’m hurting in my legs where God has given me polio and my back hurts constantly. Yet, I push and I witness and share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ and denounce other gods. My prayer is asking that You find favor in my needs. I need to pay my bills to keep a roof over the head of my wife, son and myself. I need the financial blessing for my medicine, food and bills.

I know I need to get back into church but that’s why my wife is suppose to be my helper and not for some other man, other than You God. I don’t know what is happening with the Social Security Administration. I have gotten a positive decision for my Retirement Benefits but may be denied benefits for overpayment that I have been paying back since 2004. I have told my wife and I know she’s selfish and probably underhanded with things within our house, but I told her a long time ago that I would never put anyone else over my family, but serve God always first.

Father I’m asking you to please answer my prayer request for the financial blessing I need to keep me out of the street and able to pay my bills. There are changes about to happen and if it’s in Your Will for my wife then I will only do what you want me to do.

Thank you for placing Godly women in my life and if you want me to change then You will have to make it happen so I don’t break your covenant. You know my needs and I put my handicapped self on the alter.

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