Thank You for My Job!

by Myriam (Miami, FL)

Dear Miraculous St. Jude,

You have always been the Patron Saint of all things desperate and hopeless. By way of this publishing, I want to thank you for all you’ve done in securing my place at work. I will be your faithful client for all eternity and will honor you with a Mass to be said in your name.

With unemployment and changes within our organization, I was worried that my position would be affected. Like all – I have bills to pay, responsibilities to honor etc…and the thought of loosing my job, frightened me to my core!

St. Jude blessed me by way of God Almighty and interceded so that I may keep my position and with a huge raise!

Thank you St. Jude for your miracle!


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  1. Praise the Lord

    Praise the Lord, for all the blessings and to you St Jude for all the intervention given to this person; Dearest St Jude, pls help my husband too to find a permanent computer or tech support job. He has been out of job for a year now… You know our trials and pain, pls intervene for us too.

    St Jude, pls pray for this person and help this person on his or her current job. Make his or her job stable…. I ask all of these in the name of jesus christ our lord, amen…..amen…

  2. Financial Blessing very soon

    Good Morning to all,
    First, I like to pray for all of those in need of help, Lord God help them if they shall ask for it in your name. I just started back working as a temp employee. It has been a real struggle trying make ends meet. I have been able to pay just a few bills, my car has been repo. I ride 3 buses to get to work each day. The thought of walking down a long dark street scares me every morning, but I ask GOD to protect me each morning. All I am asking for is help to stay in my apartment, I am 3 months behind. Once I begin to get money going, I can handle it from there. I just ask for help to get on my help and. Lord God, I ask for help today, so I may not get put out of my apartment and hopefully, I can get a new truck again. I am a very grateful person, but just fell on hard times. Lord, please answer my prayers.

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