Thank you for my guardian angel!

by Your Daughter In Christ (Trenton,NJ)

Lord, you have sent me your guardian angel, but he is really not feeling well. Keep him in your perfect peace tonight even though he’s driving all night long. He needs your protection and blessing upon his life. God be his strength in times of completing your will for his life. He has completing it because he has provided for his wife’s children and for the sake of her acceptance and love. Please help him continue to provide for his children, so his children will see the example of love his wife put as a display for their lives. In return help his daughters repay his father to provide also for him in times of need. All of his sacrifice we will never know, but we accept your love and peace in our lives. Lord we are full of your love and peace in our hearts, help us to continue to grow to be stewards of Christ forever. We love you Lord, and are very thankful for your ongoing love. We want you for now on to be first and foremost in our lives forever more. Do not take my guardian angel away from me. We could not function without him. We need to have the strength you provided in our lives through this perfect image and example of Christ you placed in our lives. There is no other men out there who could do better. My only hope is to do the same for him during the time we could have together. Ever since my mom passed, I’ve begin to see what a man she married. God bless our fathers in our lives! They were called to be the best examples for our lives when times are too great . Even when our mothers can’t handle the load, our fathers were there to catch her and all of us so could understand why God made fathers and mothers. Thank You Jesus that I have everything , and need nothing but your love. Thank God for your angels . Amen!