Thank You For My Answered Prayers

by Laylo (Hollywood,Ca & Dfw)

Dear Jesus,

One day I stared in the sky an ask you for a job. I said you know what kind of job I need being that I’m trying to accomplish being a rockstar I needed something flexible within days or less than a week I was making 1900 month salary moving tires and auto parts on an off a trailer, Lord you made it happen right away like FedEx from heaven, then Lord I told you I can’t afford an extension cord for my roommates charger next day at work one dealership going through expansion kicked me over a box with 10 extension cords in it .

I’m still receiving the joy from that answered prayer and you bringing me so far from where I stood. From that job I now have a solid body and overall improved health, I know your there for not just me but for the whole world which is the most amazing situation , You don’t have favorite followers like good old fashion american celebrities or US presidents or one time specials deals on eternal life , Your Love and compassion and opportunitys to except this great gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus is for infinity .

Im beleiving and having faith in you Lord and savior that you would bless me with the ultimate job of being a Natural american born rockstar with great ideas to change my country and my planet for the betterment of man kind your greatest creation , thank you as I receive it all now in Christ Jesus Name I pray that my heart and request be made acceptable unto the lord , Amen and amen.

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