Thank you for making the impossible possible

by Yaya (USA)

Father Lord God,

Thank you for the power of prayer.

Thank you for being with me; helping me and holding my hand through very little thing. Thank you for bringing me this far. I have learned so much through your trials. These trials may not have been easy but they have made me strong, brought me close to you and taught me to depend on you. I love you father.

Father, thank you for creating him. I don’t know how things will end up between him and I, but I know they will work for both of our goods. Thank you for preparing me father. I don’t know if you’re preparing me for him specifically, but I know you are preparing me for something. Thank you for watching over him even though he may not believe in you. Thank you for loving him just the same.

I hope and pray you can bring us together somehow. You know my heart and you know his as well. Thank you for that. I pray that you make a way out of no way. I pray that you bridge the gap between the two of us. I pray that you turn things around for he and I. I pray that you make me the answer to his prayers and a blessing in his life. Thank you for making the impossible possible. Thank you for refilling my faith. Thank you for all that you’ve done thus far. And I thank you for all you will do.