Thank you for listening & your continual prayers

by Michelle ()

Thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you to God, St. Rita, my Guardian Angel & all the Saints & Angels I pray to on a regular basis. I humble come to you looking for my prayers to be answered. Please help me to begin a long term romantic committed mature relationship that leads to marriage & a child. Please I am begging for this aspect of my life. I am so lonely and lost. I have met Eric whom I want a relationship with, but not sure what is going on. We are both in our 40s and ready for this part of our lives. Please let Eric finally commit to me this month. This is all I truly want to make my life finally complete. I have waited for so long for this aspect of my life. Please don’t let me continue to be alone. I have so much love to give someone. Help me with this aspect of my life. I feel as thou I’m being punished for something. I am a good person, very hard worker & very dutiful daughter. Please it is becoming so difficult to watch as others attain this happiness and I am alone. Please give me sign today.

Thank you for listening & your continual prayers. Please know that I offer my daily rosary for all your intentions.

May everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving.