Thank you for all the blessings and please help me find gainful employment

by Pam (Philippines)

Thank you Father for all the blessings you have given, although I lost my job last year, I am still very thankful that during the time I really needed the money to provide the best possible medical care for my father and give him everything he wanted until the end of his life , I was very well compensated as an overseas worker.

Dear Father, I am seeking your assistance to please guide me in looking for gainful employment. I need to earn money for my mother and myself. It is time for me to really save money for the future thus I really need to find work very soon. And once I land a job, I hope that it will last until I retire. This is my second time in almost seven years that I have lost my job.

Please Father, I have sent out so many applications but only one has gotten back to me but I failed to land that job. I know I am already more than middle aged but I can still work and be very productive, I hope my applications are not being ignored because of my age.

Thank you again Father and we love you.

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