thank you father

by Norma P. (Miami, Fl)

Lord, i want to thank you for giving me life. Thank you for giving me another chance in life to do better n praise you. I know I have been postponing our time together so we can talk because you knew me before i became a thought and I was ashamed to come to you because you knew better. Lord, I ask you to cleanse my heart, body and soul as I come to you in prayer. Lord, I am a sinner, please hear my prayer. Your love for me is unconditional, Father and I am thankful that you will, still and always will LOVE ME. Thank you Father, for you love at all times. Thank you for forgiving me and helping me with all my troubles. Thank you for your help. Thank you for taking everything that is not of you from around me. Thank you for your mercy, protection and love. Lord, please guide my steps to where I need to go and lead me to the right direction. As, I continue my day(s) Thank you for all the little reminds that you exist around me and the signs that you heard my prayer. Thank you Father for being my friend I can always come n talk to you. Thank you for being here everytime. Thank you for handling all my needs and putting a smile on my face today because I know that only through you, Father, everything is able n I know you have me through all my circumstances. Thank you Lord. I Love You n Thanks for listening. Amen.

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