Thank you father who art in heaven!

by David ()

thank you father for shining your grace o up pin me and my family. you have blessed us in so many ways. you have healed my son who went astray, and today we celebrate his graduation from university. Please continue to give him strength as he finds his way and continue to help him fight his past addictions. thank you for answering our prayers and for giving us three beautiful children and tons of love from those that surround us.

lord, the world is shaking. evil surrounds us, and we feel you moving. please continue to shine the light on the devil and expose those that want to do harm. please heal those that have been misled by those in power and continue to expose the corruption and crimes that plague our nation. As your light shines bright, we are no longer blind to the evil that hid in the shadows.

please heal all those that are just beginning the awakening process and prepare us for a great revival.

It is at the darkest times that you do your greatest miracles.

may we see those ghat perpetrated crimes against humanity be brought to justice and may the next great revival take hold.

I feel your presence everywhere lord. The armageddon that the elite try to scare us with is not for us. their world is about to come tumbling down, and the dark forces are about to be defeated.

your children are returning to the creator in droves because we know we can’t do this without you.

the ugliness in the world can only be healed through the power of our father in heaven.

please continue to grant us the power of clarity so we can see their evil schemes and work through your miracles to save the earth and the beautiful people everywhere from the tyrannical forces that want to harm us.

please continue to heal those that are afraid and don’t know how to cope with all the slings and arrows being aimed at us, and deliver us this victory so america can again be restored to her former glory, one nation under hood, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

in Jesus name, amen

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