Thank you Father for your many blessings

by Just Me (CA)

Dear Father I come to you giving thanks. Thank you Jesus for my two children, they are a gift. They try to do their best, they are kind and smart. But I come to you Lord to ask that you heal our broken hearts. I lost my husband, their father two years ago on 11/5/15, it was sudden and he had just turned 59. He was a good father and provider who had just retired 8 months earlier. We were stunned, we were without life insurance as when he retired the insurance from the job stopped and we did not

Get it reinstated as we should have. Too many things began to happen as his father passed in May 15, we had to travel so he could take care of arrangements and spent a lot of our savings. In my husband’s passing I’m having trouble paying bills and keeping my home. Father please hear my cry, my children are only 16 and 20, they are afraid and know I’m struggling. I’m 56 and was a stay home mom and now I’ve been looking for work for two years and can’t get hired , I’m thinking it’s my age. Father please let someone hire me so I don’t have to be foreclosed on and uproot my 16 year old from the only home she has known and also from the only school district she’s been in. Father I need you now and I thank you for what I have and will have but Lord I’m in need of a financial blessing right now Jesus and I know your will be done. Thank you Jesus am deathly in your name I pray that it is done. And it
Is done. Thank you Jesus.