Thank you, Father, for restoring my mind and body.

by Bethany (Minnesota)

Dear Father, I am in such anguish and am beyond despair. Most days feel like like a waking nightmare. Everyone around me is out living their life, working without a second thought; enjoying friends and family; and progressing in their goals. My life stopped over 20 years ago. I feel like a ghost walking among the living- stuck emotionally at the age of a child but to the world, appear a woman in her forties. I yearn to be near you yet I don’t hear your voice or feel the peace and hope that only you can provide. I feel abandoned by my family and feel too lost to make friends. i want to be healed so that I can love others the way that you love me.

My illness is all-consuming and focuses my energy on myself and drains my energy as well as anyone who spends time with me. Father, please rescue me from the depths. Please lift me up and out of this heavy darkness.

I remember the joy of a sunny day, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the feel of a warm breeze. These gave me a burst of exhilaration as a child, and I long for those days again. Please hear me, please heal me, Father. I have more to do and so much love to give. Thank you, Father, for restoring my mind and body. I love you, and I praise you! Your daughter, Bethany

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