Thank you and mercy with grace and favor in Mary with Jesus’ hand, name and blood

by Steve (Massachusetts)

Dear St. Joseph thank you for your aid in the past and future and with The Trinity for your homage, service in all with Mother Mary and The Child Jesus for all seventeen of us with the Holy Ghost and the whole church for protection from evil, enemies and all with your intercession and all the Angels, The Saints, Mother Mary and the whole church for divine aid of GODS’ best intentions with the Holy Spirit in faith, works, prayer, unction, discipline, favor, mercy, riches, homes, automobiles, SUV’s, Trucks, Health and all in Mary with The Blood of Jesus and Jesus’ breath, name and hand with all the Angels, All Souls in purgatory with Glory, Gloria and our ancestors prayers and the Heavenly Kingdoms blessings and hedge, armor and total shield for us seventeen and prayer(s) for all who aid us with prayers for our enemies with a rose sent from St. Rita all with GODS’ permitting will and best intentions. Amen, Hallejuiaha and Alleluia.