thank you and help this week

St. Jude,

I am so sorry for not writing this weekend. I have been exhausted and overwhelmed a bit with the gd diagnosis. I am so thankful for the miraculous intercession that you have made in my life.There is a sense of calm in letting the Lord direct your life. I feel as though I may not understand everything and I get frustrated but I trust in the Lord and know that my life will be led in the right direction. Lord, thank you for letting us keep this car while we figure out a way to pay for it. Thank you for my husband’s job and the experience and self esteem that he is receiving from it. Lord, thank you for the new life in my tummy and the little kicks that I feel. Thank you for letting us pay our bills, buy groceries, and keep our car. Lord, thank you mending relationships and giving me more self esteem. I know that I ask a lot, but I want to pour my heart out to you. There has been such a positive change to my life since I have been given hope by St. Jude and purpose by the Lord. Lord, please let us keep this car and figure a way to pay for it. Please protect this new life and let it be a healthy and successful pregnancy. Lord, please let us be able to pay our bills, buy groceries, and keep our car. Please let us receive full child support and find ways to increase our income. Lord, please let me be able to provide a happy Christmas to my family and let us be financially successful in the new year. In your name.


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