thank you and help this week

St. Jude,

Today is thanksgiving, the day where we are thankful for those who we love. This year, I am extremely thankful for the miraculous intercession that St. Jude has made in my life. I feel more hopeful and that my life is more promising. Even with negativity, there is so many positive blessings thanks to the Lord. Thank you oh Lord for letting us keep this car while figuring out how to keep it. Thank you for my husband’s job and the self confidence and experience that it gives him. Lord, thank you for the new life in my stomach and the little kicks I feel. Thank you for the ability to buy groceries, pay bills, and have our car. Thanks for family and the feeling of love and comfort they bring. Oh Lord, please let us be able to keep our car and find some way to pay it off. Please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Lord, please protect this new life and let us prosper. Please let us be able to buy groceries, pay bills, and have transportation. Lord, please let us get child support and Sheri’s vacation.. Please let us be financially successful. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and feel his positive influence daily. In your name.


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