Tested Faith

Heavenly Father I have been seeking you for so long. The trials we are experiencing seem too great for me at this moment. My faith seems to falter as I look to you one more time. I try so hard Father to reflect on what the meanin of all this maybe for myself, my son and my husband. I wonder where you are? After all, I wonder if my prayers are heard or if you are tired of hearing me. Help me Heavenly Father to stay focus and take the burden of this pain away as I face another day. Give me the strength to get up and make this day a beautiful journey. Keep my son safe and hold him close. Take his hand and guide him and never let him suffer alone. Remind him of what a beautiful person he is. Forgive him Father for the tresspasses he made. I ask that our neighbor forgive him for what he has done and that she too will reach out to him. I pray for her family may she be blessed with all goodness you have to offer. May she find strength in you and an abundness of happiness. May her children put away “the bottle” and seek you instead. Bless my husband and give him the strength and wisdom to understand this trial. I ask this in your precious son’s name Jesus. Amen

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