temptation to addiction

by vince spiteri ()

Please pray for me I’m 55 yrs old and have smoked pot for over 42 yrs of my life. My parents were great and drug free and came from Malta. I have 2 older brothers and a sister. growing up I was raised in a house that was drug filled from Pot, PCP, Cocaine, Opium and Connubial. These drugs was brought in and introduced by my oldest brother at a very young age 10 or 12 he offered these to me and being young and dumb took them. By the grace of God I was able to walk away from most of them except Pot. I don’t know how I survived my younger years and at 20 my future wife gave birth to my first son Ryan 3 yrs later another son lance was born. I was never very educated just made it through high school. in those years my father and mother always instilled positive words to me and see my father owner his own business hoped to one day have a company of my own. for many years I worked long labored jobs that upper management never seen any potential in me. Being raised Catholic I was able to learn to pray and read my bible on a regular basis. In 1991 things got worse and my wife divorced me and had an affair with my best friend this only put me deeper into drugs to relive the pains inside my only focus was to make sure I continue to raise my two young boys in which I never used drugs in front of them except drinking. Wife also never left the house which we rented a room from my parents and we was able to stay together the sake of the boys. I have to say it was the darkest times in my life knowing I was not loved anymore from the mother of my kids. It was the BIBLE that gave me the Courage to maintain a job and my sanity. In 1996 I quit my Job and started a small business with a friend of mine and we was supported by only 3 companies I think our weekly salary was about 350.00 per week. My wife was also able walk away from her affair and we worked hard to make things right but I was very broken inside and was not able to let the past memories go and I’m sure the boys sensed something was wrong and they both started to make very bad choices on friends and later also fell into drugs. Moving the time to the year 2000 my business was doing great and had become my new partner. I was numb to the fact that my x wife still lived with us and had know affection with me but God told me to stay firm. I had saved some money and took a chance and bought a house and even though things looks good on the outside I was dyeing on the inside until the year of 2004 we was invited to a small Christian church in baldwin park called World Faith Ministries. I was against going but went along to support My wife brother who was staying at their mens home. as I sat there I felt a clam like I never have before and we both converted to Christianity and in 2005 we remarried and my wife gave birth to our third child a Daughter Jewel Faith. since then we have been stronger than ever and attend a church in diamond bar and my business is going on it 25th year. this Friday I tossed the pot I had and have been working on keeping straight. so please pray for me that I stay in the straight path

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