Teenage Daughter Prayer

Father God thank you for helping my daughter counteract todays culture, and live the life You want for her. The culture my daughter must face today is often hostile to Your values. Too many girls are simply sucked into the culture, losing their virtue in the process. Prepare her for battle. Because of how You blessed me, help her to recognize the great power I have as her mother to influence her in a Godly way.

I am committed to model a life of faith in action for her, and regularly discuss biblical principles with her. Lord send your angels encamped about her to monitor her outside influences. Help me to set safe boundaries with her selection of friends, music, and media access. Give her discernment to eliminate negative influences in her life. Build a strong peer group of Godly friends all around her. Help her choose courage over conformity. Help me to teach my daughter how to be in the world without being of the world. Help her understand how to be transformed by the Your Spirit and have a renewed mind. Let me demonstrate in my own life as a single mother how she should consistently follow Your Word. Yahweh build her esteem so that she may know how to define her true self-worth. Let her know that her worth doesnt equal what she looks like. Lord I know you are more concerned with her inner heart than her outward appearance.

Father I thank You that You care more about who she is, than her accomplishments. It matters what You think, not what others think of her. El, Elohim refute from her mind-set the myths about sex, with the truth of Your word. Lord help her to realize that I should be her primary source of information about sexuality, and that I will strive to provide her with lots of accurate Godly information. Help my daughter see that Your call for sexual purity is not exclusively meant for sexual intercourse, but for all sexual activity. As she makes a personal pledge to You to save sex for marriage, she will seek out friends who have also made such pledges themselves. Give her wisdom to know that You created sex as something beautiful to be enjoyed in the confines of marriage, and that if the gift is misused, it can have devastating physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. Let her make wise choices to dress modestly. Help me to explain to my daughter why dressing modestly is an important way to honor You with the body You have given her. God give her the confidence she needs to refrain from seeking attention in the wrong way, by not dressing immodestly to flaunt her body and gain approval from others. We thank You for Your abundant favor and answered prayer, in Your son Jesus name. Amen.