Teaching job for me and my husband for the next school year

by Cathy (WV)

Dear Lord, you know that both my husband and I have lost our teaching positions for next year along with forty seven other teachers. You know we have the lowest seniority on the list. I pray that even though everyone on the list is supposed to get a position before us, that you have a plan for us. I pray that you put us in the school and classroom that you have always wanted us to be in. I pray that you give us the right principal and surround us with classrooms full of teachers who accept us.

I pray that you help us with the interview process. You know I am afraid of interviews and can’t think of the right answers to the questions. Please prepare us for this process. Please give us the right answers. Please lead us to where you want us to be. Please help us to be the best teachers we can be. I love you, and I thank you for all that you do for us.

In Jesus Name I Pray Amen