Teacher’s End of School Year Prayer

by Bonnie (Baton Rouge La)

Dear Lord,

The year is almost done and I need to know, how did I do? Did I do your will this school year? Lord, was I patient enough when I needed to be and was I firm enough when you wanted me to be? There were times Lord, when I really wasnt sure where I was going. Please use any mistakes I made to help me to grow. I so want you to be proud of me as I work to bring these little ones closer to you. I hope that they felt loved as I tried to teach them about your love by showing it. Lord I know that long after these little souls have forgotten what they learned in my classroom they will remember how they felt in my classroom. I hope they felt loved and cherished because you love and cherish each one of them in a perfect way.

Help me to remember that you were with me all year through, fall, winter and spring. I remember the fresh faces that come into my class room in the fall and now I see them this spring excited by the adventures ahead. Be with each one of them, Lord guide them and most of all, help them to feel your love.

I love you Lord, thank you for loving me and guiding me through this year.


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