Teach us , What is Love Lord

by A C (Usa)

Dear Lord Jesus, The world was created by you. You are the Son of the Most High God ,Your Father. The world today is in great need of your protection. Many countries fight and have no peace. If they only would turn their thoughts to you Lord. Only if the people would turn their lives around. Their would be no need for guns and bombs. No hatred or war.

Only if families would turn to you Lord. No more divorces, and families would stay together. Only if people were more caring when they find a partner to marry. That the new couple would find that first they must love the Lord the only true God. And that people would know that the {Kingdom} is like a seed planted inside the people.

The Holy Spirit comes to live in the hearts of the people. And we shouldn’t do any thing to harm the spirit of the Lord our God. When we call a person a bad name, we are saying the same thing to Jesus, and that is a terrible sin. We need to be more mindful that God’s spirit lives in the hearts of men. And we need to learn to treat each other with respect.

Help us, Dear Lord ,to be respectful of who you are, and that your spirit dwells in the hearts of men, women, and children who call on your name. Help us, Dear Lord, to understand what Love really is. Love is not a play game. True love comes from the only True God who is our maker, our designer. Teach us Lord how to love. For the world has turned the word love into a gameful play thing. We don’t even know what we are doing.

Forgive us Lord, and send your protection around us. And guard us with your true love. For you are Love. Thank you Jesus.

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