Taking my family back

by Debra Turner ()

Thank you Lord for giving me another precious day in this life you have given me. Today Lord I pray to you about getting my Family back. My life back. I pray that the Family court release my family, and let them come home, to whom they belong. I pray that you have mercy on us, and see that our hearts have changed, and that we are able to love our family now. I pray that you put your sight on the Oakland County Adoption Agency and the the lies and the wickedness, they are producing. I pray that you cover the family with your love and armor, and to protect them from their vicious ways toward family reunification. I pray that you give us the strength and more faith to not give up, even tho they’re in charge. I pray that you give the court judges, the direction to do what is really right for our family. I pray that you lift up my daughter’s lawyer to really represent for her. Noone cares about us, as a family anymore. I ask for your forgiveness on the decisions we’ve made in our past. That past we no longer have is being used against us til our deaths. I pray that you would push our enemies back from the forefront, so that we can reunite with our family. Lord we love our family, and always will. I pray for your mercy Father God, in Jesus name, Amen.

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