take over my full life my finances

by Carol (Yorkshire)

Jesus, I come before you in the middle of the night, as I lay awake worrying about the bailiffs knocking, I open up my heart to you.

I give you my everything lord, I lay my self before you, and I ask for your mercy.
I pray that you will forgive the sin of falling into debt, that you will cleanse me from this, and heal me. You never intended me to be held captive you want me to be free, I want to be a new creation and instead of worrying I should be praising you.
So lord I give you permission to take over my full life my finances included and I ask you to banish Satan from all areas of my life, so that your Holy Spirit can make a real appearance and cleanse me.
I release the debts I owe to your loving hands, I pray for an un binding of chains of cleansing and belief that you can and will set me free.
Thank you precious father for all you do for me already, please set me free amen

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