take my addiction away and for give me for backsliding

by Sonya (Ca)

2 and a half years ago I became saved. And felt the love and peace from our father. Got off fd drugs for a year with the help of god. Then I got attackd bad by the devil and now am back to doing no good I can’t even find my self going back to church because I know people will judge me because they have am so a shame and one again lost and confused. This time its worse I’ve lost some family this time#and don’t have friends I feel so useless and dirty inside and out. I really don’t see me getting better without god but my heart is one closed to everything and everyone am tormented by my past daily and feel like am going to lose my mind this time or end up in jail. I feel hated and am scared I don’t know what’s going to happen to me please I need intence pray

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