Take away my pain oh Lord

by Sergeant John (Long Island, New York)

I took for granted oh Lord, the gift of being able to walk and to live free of pain. I have always tried to be good to others and to help others. I only wanted to be a good role model for my children and to teach them to be good to others. I served you Lord as protector and guardian of the weak. I was an honest, true and fair Policeman for 21 years. I showed others the way; your way. Please Lord I as forgiveness for my sins. Please take this burdeon of pain from me so that I may continue to serve you. Please Lord I ask that I may be able to walk freely again so that I may be the Father my children deserve and the friend others come to when they are in need.. Dear Lord I ask for your blessing and guidance for not just myself but for everyone that I may touch. In the name of Jesus, my savior, I ask of you please oh Lord.

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