Sweet baby Jayden

by M'cele (New Jersey)

Little Jayen is the two year old son of Candace Daniel born with a heart defect. He recently had a stroke and is back in Children’s Hospital in Phila,Pa Lord i pray that you will heal his little heart and continue to give his mother Candace who has two other children the faith,courage to be strong for her children. I know your works of healing personally when the doctors told me to abort because of my health and the severe retardation & physical disability’s my child would be born with and the fact that i had other children to look after. Once i changed my doctors and went home to pray i knew it would be a struggle but he deserved to live. He was born a preemie not breathing,stayed on a APNEA Heart Monitor til he was two years old and now Fifteen an a half years later I have a straight A student since 1st grade( he was home schooled from pre-school/kindergarten by myself & a great teacher GOD BLESS HER) who is 6 foot tall with no physical disability’s just epilepsy which after years of praying and a wonderful neurologist it is under control and i also have a nine year old son after being told i would not carry any more children so I stand in testament of your Grace & Mercy and I ask in your name to heal Jayden too Amen.

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  1. Prayer for Comfort & Healing

    Dear God,

    Please comfort this family, and all others who are suffering through similar situations, during this time and fill them with your peace and love. Please give them faith and strength as they heal from their loss and impart upon them the knowing trust that one day they will be reunited again.

    Thank you. Amen.


    Dear,Lord,u r our Daddy.In this trying moments give this family peace ,may they feel the warmth of your comforting embrace.Amen

  3. Heaven has another Angel!!

    My heart is heavy tonight,Candace Daniel & her family are mourning the lost of Baby Jayden
    March 4th 2012 @7:34pm Father God, I pray you bless this family with healing it has been a two year battle for his life.Heavenly Father, Please have your angels cover and protect Candace. Please wrap her son Paul in your loving mercy he lost his baby brother on his 14th birthday.We know your plan is greater Amen Everyone please keep this family in your prayers ♥

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