Surrendering all anxiety and fears!

by Dan (Clinton, NJ)

I’ve been 20 months sober now and somehow Alcoholics Anonymous do its 12-step program has accomplished out for me bring me closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

what do I mean by somehow? Is that I’m not one to open up at a meeting but yet I managed to stay Sober by following the 12 steps. but I find myself full of fear and anxiety because of not being able to open up in a group setting so I feel that I need a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ through his mother the Virgin Mary! a lot of times if I’m not experiencing fear and anxiety I will get instead Melancholy feelings. I feel that everything is okay in my life but yet I look at the negative of everything instead of being happy for what I have. I will like to find prayer groups in my area that I can participate with. Thank you very much for your prayers God bless!