Support for me and my family

by Rhonda (Pittsburgh)

Hello, Please pray for those in need and less fortunate than I and if you could spare any extra time in prayer, please please pray for my family. We are small and are currently struggling emotionally, physically and financially. We are all hard workers and are blessed, but my Mom has been in the hospital the past 4 1/2 months with severe depression. She is now in a nursing home temporarily and to keep her safe since we cannot have her go home yet. The struggle we face ahead to keep her healthy and happy in her retirement years will be heavy for me and my husband since we both work full time jobs to keep up on bills and expenses for all of us. Please pray for my husband. He’s been carrying a heavy burden, working hard at his job and overtime and has been very patient at helping with the additional expenses. I have inundated him with my challenges and heightened concerns of losing my job because of the time I am spending to be with my Mom and ensuring that she’ll be okay. Also, please pray that my job will become easier to manage. I’m extremely exhausted with too many tasks because I have to learn new work and also figure out a way to keep helping my mom within the short hours it seems we have each day. I’m the only one that can help my Mom and love her very much. My older siblings are ailing themselves. I’m fearful for a lot of things as we have so much debt and heavy burdens for so long and just need to find a balance. We need home and car repairs and just can’t seem to get to that point with new issues or burdens. Please pray for those in need and less fortunate than I and God Bless. Thank you.

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