Supply All My Needs

by Sherri (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Thank you Lord Jesus that all my finances and expenses have already been taken care of that there will always be food in our house money in our pockets and bank accounts all our debts have been wiped clean and that our car is on its way with no problems.

Thank you Lord for my family in my household that we draw closer to You through each hour of the day and that we seek You more than any other and our soul focus is on You. Thank You for your protection over us at all times may no wickedness come near us as we covered under the shadow of Your wing. Thank You that we are blessed going out and coming in and that my relationship with Waylin grows stronger in Christ more and more each and every day. That my son becomes more like You.

Thank You Lord Jesus for your faithfulness and mercy and always answering my prayers even before I ask. I love You Lord Jesus.