Suited up

by Ann Vinson ()

FATHER GOD here we are suiting up once again. We bow here before YOU and Petition and Decree for CHRIST MIND and then place the Helmet of HIS SALVATION over our heads to seal out any and all enemy confussion. We greatfully with trembling hands pick up HIS BREAST PLATE of Rightesness, to protect HIS HEART in our chest so we can TRULLY LOVE YOU MOST FATHER GOD, Alpha and Omega our beginning and our end. Please HOLY GHOST our HELPER, Teacher and Comforter, tighten seculy the Belt of TRUTH for half truth and make Beleive or want to be is WHOLE LIES..Let us Joyfully, in our amazement at YOU and the Wonder of YOUR LOVE place the Boots of PEACE AND REVOLATION OF HIM, The Full Gospel on our feet, walking in HIS FOOTSTEPS, because we are sealed in THE BODY functioning together for YOUR WILL not ours in this very hour. Give us firm grip on the Shield of FAITH, knowing our Purpose and the fact that if YOU SPARED NOT YOUR FIRST BORN to establish Victory YOU WILL HOLD NOTHING BACK WE NEED. Train us excently with YOUR SWORD of THE SPIRIT, let ever letter from ever sentence of YOUR WORD RISE UP IN US. Taking deep root and bearing lasting FRUIT FOR YOUR GLORY. We PRAISE YOU FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST. In One Accord on the foundation of YOUR WORD we Petition and Decree FATHER GOD HAVE YOUR WAY THIS DAY and let it begin in me AMEN AMEN AMEN

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