Suicidal thoughts

by Betty ()

I have no one. If I died here in my house no one would know I was gone. I have no friends, my daughter has abused me for over 20 years and run my life. Atrocities most would not believe. She married a few yrs ago and had a baby 19 mos ago. Her husband loved her so much but she left him fir a much younger man who is married with a small child and his wife is pregnant due in a month. She had to have him. She has told me no more contact because she hates. I opposed her decision very much. So she is living w her 28 yr old boyfriend
And she is 40. Like a narcissist does she has destroyed my relationship with one special niece and also even with my brother. That’s all I have. She lies so much about me and trashed me with them. She does not want them to love me. Even though they know the awful thing she did they are on her side because she lies about her husband being abusive. When she decided to leave he wanted to save the marriage and would go to counseling. But she said no snd hit him while baby was in his arms. She was reported snd the divorce started. The court just after 3 months let her have the baby for weekend. This all happened 4 mos ago and court woukd not let her have visitation. She is so mean and hates me. I have not talked to her. A narcissist will not seek help because they can’t admit faults.
I pray that I can stop being so depressed. I have no one. My son in law lets me see the baby and is good to me. Please pray for me that I can accept this situation and find hope. She has lied to me, stolen from me and ruined my reputation. It’s awful. She is a non believer and I pray she seeks help but she likes being promiscuous and lies!
I’m sad and lonely, How could she go after a married man with pregnant wife and child. She has no remorse doesn’t care a bit! Please help me find my way out of this. Sometimes I don’t want to continue life.

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