Suffering to get a good tenants

by Cheryl ()

Dear St Joseph
Please help me to get good tenants before 1st Wednesday of May 2020.
I’m struggling to get good tenants from last year
I’m struggling and suffering financially for the past 3 years.
But from last year February I’m really really suffering to get good tenants. They stay for 10 days 1 month to two months then shift with a big fight the last two tenants disgraced us so badly made everyone to laugh.
These people
Thomas pet name Bobby
One old lady servant
These people behind my back they tell my tenants some rubbish about us
St Joseph you must help me get good tenants and they must not bother with these people that I mention above and be good to us
So St Joseph by the 1st Wednesday I got to hear of good tenants
Trusting you for your kind help

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