Successful Surgery

My husband recently suffered a heart attack..after quick assessments, it was necessary for him to have by pass surgery. Not just that, but he’s without health insurance..having been one of the many in our country laid off, his health insurance ran out. The PEACE of God and our savior, Jesus Christ, remained in him and myself throughout the whole ordeal. He came through the Triple By pass successfully, up and walking the next day…It’s been JUST one week since his surgery, and we can’t make him sit down!!!! He said he feels better than he has in a long time..a little sore…but feeling better…as far as the health insurance issue…I have NO DOUBT God will intervene and will provide the means for his surgery, hospital stay, medications, and after care will be covered….We’ve been through a lot of things where it looked dark and God seemed miles away…but with this, I have assurance of His Provisions and His Help…In Christ..Thanks