Successful Sale of my Condo

by Mary Jo ()

O Lord, I love you and your blessed father on earth, St Joseph. Please give me assistance in the selling of my condo in a quick and easy manner. Let the buyers be honest, trustworthy and kind. Let there be no problems that arise during/for the sale to close quickly and easily. Joseph provided you with a house and home on earth, Dear Jesus. Please bless the couples who come to look at the condo, and help them throughout their purchase and closing. Amen.
Thank you.

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  1. Successful sale of condo

    I am currently trying to sell as well, have prayed novena to St Joseph for intercession, as well as I have buried him upside down beside for sale sign. I have had 3 potential buyers back out. They could not sell their properties.. I am ridiculously over stressed about this, to point of effecting health, keep saying ‘ I am turning this over to you Lord, take my worry away, please, lead a good buyer to me” then Satan whispers doubt in my ear because I am weak =( i sincerely pray that your sale was quick, and stressless, and if not sold yet, that a buyer will be lead to you with haste! In the name of Jesus, Amen

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