Success For My Career As A Musician And Artist so I can help my autistic children

by Paul (Oxford, Uk)

Dear Holy Father

You know how hard I try to do your will on a daily basis and that despite my severe and debilitating bi-polar condition I have successfully achieved almost 7 years without using drugs and alcohol. Some days I feel guilty and ashamed even when I have done nothing wrong. You know of the hundreds and thousands of good deeds I have done and how couragous I am and how I face life head on with stoicism Lord.
But yes I have sinned in thought word and deed many many times in life. I ask you Holy Father for forgiveness for my sins. I ask you Lord in good faith and with noble intentions to help me use my good communication skills, musical and artistic talent to attain success in life through your mercy power and grace. Even if success is remembering to take my medication, fix myself a good meal, stop missing appointments and manage my money better. Dear Lord please help me to be a good son, a good father, a good brother and to show people the good things I can do and to make my family proud.
I ask you Holy Father to help me to stop putting pressure on myself, to stop being so perfect about my music and to live my life and strive for my goals with good grace and humility and to remember that all my good characteristics come from you and for me to remember that I am a decent person and not a piece of trash and that my talents are god given and that I should use and not get distracted by worldy pleasurea and temptations.
Dear Lord help me focus on my music and art and being a good example to my two autistic sons and to have faith that your grace and healing power will keep me safe and keep me going on the right path one day at a time.
I ask this of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the name of The Father The Son St Joseph and St Jude and the holy spirit. Amen

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