struggling financially for years now.

by Sonya (Greenville Sc)

We have been struggling financially for years now. It’s got to the point that we are in debt so deep that we are about to be evicted & I only have 15 dollars left in my bank account & my husband has been cut to only three days a week at his job & we have borrowed until no one is helping us anymore. We owe so much to so many & can’t repay anyone. Non of it is credit card debt we don’t have any credit cards. My own mother won’t help me & her grandchildren but will help both my brothers,same thing with my dad he won’t help us & my husbands family won’t help us & our landlord is going to evict us if I don’t come up the rent by the 20th. What are we going to do? What am going to do? We have no money& no place else to go with our children. The power & water bills are past due & about to be cut off. We have been broken into & had so much stolen including our heat n air unit. They have not been caught and have stolen from us many times,they have even went so far as to dig up my five year olds swingset & her outside toys.Who does that? We can’t replace any of it we just don’t have the money to. I pray for financial relief an increase in our finances so we can get out of the hole we are in. Thank you for all your prayers.

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