Struggling emotionally; 2 years and losing hope

by Ashley Reyes ()

Quick little back story.
My “husband” was deported (legal reasons and he was also very abusive) approx 2 years ago. He is NOT willing to sign divorce papers and I am wanting to remarry, as I have found the most perfect man! Anyways, not long after my “husband” was deported, I brought our 2 young boys (current ages 5 & 4) to visit dad in Mexico with the agreement that my boys would be back home with me after 13 days. Going on almost 2 years later and my children have yet to be returned. He has controlled the entire situation and has actually cut communication at this point. About a month ago we had arranged for my boys to return home, but my “husband” of course had me send money and later decided against “allowing” me to be a part of my childrens life’s. (Side note: I have no criminal history or any “legal” reason to not have my children, although custody is not fully established they are American citizens and their father is not) I have started as many legal processes as I can think of (my boys are in the missing persons database although not pictured for fear of their father finding out) but at this point I am just stuck. The worst part is these boys have a sister (age 10) (& other relatives) here at home (MN) that miss them so very much!!! I am emotionally very strong but recently have really been struggling mentally which has kept me out of work (thankful to be back now!) My prayer request is this:
I am praying that my boys will be located and returned home safely to me very soon or that their father has a change of heart. I also could use prayers, that I am able to get myself out of these financial struggles and continue to improve my mental health.
I am so sorry if this is not what this is meant for, but at this point reaching out for prayers, feels like my best option. Thank you && bless you all from the bottom of my broken heart.
A single mom with alot of faith💖

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