Struggling daughter

by Linda ()

Please pray for my daughter who is grappling with the consequences of poor choices. She struggles with good decision making, in part because she has ADHD and lagging emotional and social development due to her circumstances at birth. We adopted her at 18 months old from Russia in 2001. She was born drug-addicted, was abandoned, and suffered severe neglect and malnutrition at an orphanage. We believe she also had a traumatic brain injury.
She is beautiful and talented, but struggles for social acceptance and makes bad choices because of it. Her latest problem is that she received a criminal speeding ticket for speeding in a construction zone. She was in such a hurry to see a new “friend.” She has not been driving since. We went to court and the judge is not willing to reduce it to a civil level and she/we are headed to a pretrial conference next week. This could go on a permanent record for her and affect her forever. This, unfortunately, is typical of her judgement. She has been so rejected by her peers, due to her differences, that she will go to extremes to make a friend. Please pray that she will come to know the love, friendship, and peace of God and that God would have mercy on her and prompt the judge to reduce her ticket to a civil level. Please pray that she would make some permanent Godly friends that love her, despite her differences. Please pray that she would understand that she needs to try to work on maturity. Please pray that we, as her parents, will know how to handle her situations to help prepare her best for adulthood and that all of us would draw closer to God and listen for and receive God’s wisdom for our lives. Thank you so very, very much.

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