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I’m homeless living with a man who uses meth and I’m awaiting my own apartment soon..I’m in Christian life center here at home going to life building classes and trying not to miss another sermon..I’ve been re-saved and baptized there..and I know the Holy Spirit in my life..I’ve led a life of drug addiction and lost my children to staying in jail and drugs…I’m still dealing with the trauma inside it seems and cannot wave at children without’s holding me back from what god wants from me and it’s keeping me doing these drugs still knowing they won’t fill what god can now…living with who I’m with feels like I’m sharing my space with Satan..and spiritually I am….because I’m now giving god all that I’m able too Satan is attacking my environment harder than before..I had visions of god at 13 and KNOW I have a specific purpose that Satans working overtime to destroy..please pray for these strongholds in my life be broken and that my hunger increases for him and the desire for the wicked to be gone..I’m miserable oneday…the spirits all over me the next…it’s a terrible war to fight alone…and in my life I am alone except for the church Satans telling me the people don’t care for me at…lies..I know now not to run and that going to church while still in sin isn’t considered a hypocrite because how can I get help by staying out of god’s’s why I’ve always ran from church because the drugs in my life kept me feeling hypocritical..but I know the playing with the darkness will lead me down again and I cannot disappoint god anymore! Please help me all you can! I’m weak then strong..then torn..then thrown into the lions den after church! Please help!

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