strong loving relationship

by Mwai (Malawi)

Dear Lord, may your name be praised and glorified. Father God, no one is above you for you are the Lord of miracles, wonders, surprises, possibilities in many different ways. Please help me to restore the loving and caring relationship that existed from the beginning with Vi. God, it is my strong belief that you have purpose in our relationship, I pray that the purpose be fulfilled according to your will.(Roman 8v28) Lord, may you bring trust to my man, may you bring a true picture of my personality and future ambitions with him spiritually. Lord, help me to be so strong to overcome the silent reactions he makes towards me that makes me lack a full understanding of him and his thoughts. Let me understand him fully. As I pray for this need, I categorically deny any spirit of evil attack in this relationship. May any evil intentions from anyone repel in Jesus name. Lord bring the real love from now and forever, that should eventually and sooner bear into success between us and testimony to others. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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