stressful for everyone and difficult to enjoy. Please pray that my husband finds a job soon that brings him dignity

by KC (USA)

My husband has been unemployed for over a year and even though he looks every day and has applied to many positions he has found nothing. I’m afraid he is becoming discouraged and may never find work. He is an honest, hard working, educated professional that would benefit any company if they would give him the opportunity.

We have three teenaged children. I have been blessed to have a job and so far we have been able to survive but I pray that my husband will find a job that brings him dignity so that we may pass thru this phase of our lives and enter a new phase. Soon our children will be grown and gone, we want to provide for them and enjoy them while they are still with us, not having employment makes this time very stressful for everyone and difficult to enjoy.

Please pray that my husband finds a job soon that brings him dignity, where he can provide for our family, and fully use the talents and gifts that the lord has given him.

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  1. thank you lord!

    thanks to God and everyone who prayed for us during this difficult time. Our prayers have been answered!

  2. Prayers for your hubby and family

    You are in my prayers. I know what it feels like to be discouraged due to unemployment. Hang in there!

  3. God has a reason

    I have been in your husband’s situation and will tell you that daily family prayer and our belief that God has a direction for those who reach out to him and continue to try towards our goals every day helped my family realize these same wishes. I pray you all receive His blessings and guidance and am as certain as I write this that you will be able to look back and realize why it happened this way.

    I will share with you a true story. I had a great job on the fast track at a great company with a great mentor supporting my every move. My mentor had an opening and I applied for the role, but lost it to a lesser qualified individual. I left the company and moved out of state for a better role. In doing so my family was challenged to understand why we had to leave and it was hard. Throughout the five years in this great former job I had, my son had a medical issue that required emergency room visits about once every two to three months. All the specialists and the hospital staff gave him this medicine which he took daily. Yet the issue continued for five years. We moved and were forced to find a new physician. He ran tests. Nothing. He said he believed he knew what was wrong and ran more tests. Nothing. Still convinced, he asked to perform surgery and told us he would either come out in 15 minutes and tell us he was wrong or come back in two hours and tell us he fixed it. He came back in two and a half hours and told us he saved his left kidney which had just a few more months gone undetected would have lost functionality.

    God had a plan for us and our move was more about us saving my son’s kidney than it was my job. I pray that by sharing this true story you too will find strength in His plan and realize the blessings He has waiting for you. God bless.

  4. praying for you

    I said a prayer for your family and for your husband to secure a good job soon. Your request is unselfish and eloquently written. May St. Joseph and Jesus answer your prayers. Keep the faith!

  5. Praying for your husband

    Dear Lord, we ask you to bless this loving family and help the father of this family find a job. Lord you know this is good wife asking her fellow Christians for help and he not worried about the financial needs but for her husband as a man. Please help this family and help this man be the head of his household. WE understand everything is at your will LORD and everything you do is always at your time not ours but we ask for your help.
    In Jesus Christ name AMEN.

  6. Prayers

    Praying for you and your family. I have been there. I was unemployed for a year as well. Good has a plan. Have faith and trust his plan! God bless.

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