Stressful days of worrying

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I have been struggling about a situation of moving. I’m wanting to move to this other house for better peace of mind for myself. But, then the house I live in now is with my fiance. I know when I move I’m going to miss him. We aren’t separating as a couple, not as of now. But, I have a hard time living here with him because his brother lives here as well. We have been taking care of his brother going on for 4 years now. We don’t have any time to ourselves or even able to have a conversation just between myself and him. We never have any time together to share were it’s just the two of us. And, I miss the times we were able to talk and share our lives more together. I’ve tried to talk to him about the situation but it’s like I’m not getting through to him about how I’m feeling. I can’t even get a day to myself in our home. Because his brother is here every day and night. He never leaves and goes anywhere. I’m asking for prayers that the Lord will show me what I need to do. Should I remain here and feel stressed out all the time. Or, do I need to move into my own house were I can not be stressed out seven days a week. Thank you for your support and prayers. May God bless each and everyone of you.
Feeling stressed out all the time…..

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