Strength&Perseverance for my amazing boyfriend and I

(South Africa)

I do not have a prayer set out,instead I ask for those willing to pray for my boyfriend and I through this trying time we are at currently:( I need a job desperately,we want to have a child or 2 and I want nothing more but to make him happy,he has already taken on being a father to my child who’s real one is non existent and my man does this as if he was born to be a father<3 I want to make him happy as he has made me the happiest woman alive and all I find myself doing everyday is thanking God for this amazing perfection He has sent my way! I have lost some of my Faith during this trying time but have recently realized that accepting our circumstances and not trying to control everything perhaps now God will be mercyfull on us and help us be more comfortable.
Please I pray that God come into my/our home and relieve us of the suffering and help me make my future husband happy as he has made me?

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