strength,forgiveness.courage,protection,guide and patient

by Nadege (Fl)

I have lost many friends and i have been through a lot and i find myself being a great situations where i am set back from great accomplishment..i face great charges of animal cruelty and have lost my job due to those charges, i know only one person can take me through all this and bring me back on top from all this and that’s my father and protector, but im in need of strong prayer and forgiveness for everything that is listed in my tittle prayer .. i want to be a calm patient and forgiving person, willing to give and handout a helping hand,graduate and become a crna,confidence and guiding and strength but mostly to be able to go to court on november29,2011 and be able to walk without any problems for a crime i did not commit…I sometimes want to scream and cry non stop and give up but i know that’s not what god would me to do. I tired and stressed and bee n off and on jobs for that pasted years and don’t know where else to turn please help me