Strengthening my [your] family

by Ashley (United States)

Dear God, Whatever the devil has brewing up to split my family apart, I put an end to it IMMEDIATELY. No weapon formed against my family shall prosper oh God. For you are the alpha and the omega. You are the beginning and the end God. You make no mistakes.

Lord I know you brought my family together for a purpose. Lord I trust you and I trust that you hear my prayers to heal my family. You are the only person I can turn to right now. My family’s strength and faith is also weakening. Help us get involved back into the church. Help us to communicate and love each other as people again and not responsibilities. I pray for my aunts and uncles. I pray for my cousins. I pray for my grandparents. Most importantly, who this prayer is intended for, my father, mother, and my brother.

Lord, give my dad a calling. Make him the example as he is the head of the household. Make him strong where he is weak. Make him come up in you. Make him realize he is much more than the military. My mother. Lord, make her the nurturer she used to be. Keep the love and passion in her heart. My brother. Help him find his calling. Help him understand his place and authority that it’s not there to hurt him or constrain him, but to protect him. I pray my auntie finds true love. I pray she stops looking for validation in men and realize her worth, while at the same time coming into the woman that you intended her to be.

My little cousins, I pray for stability, love, and protection for all of them. Most importantly, I want my house to feel like a home again. Regurgitate your love through us.

Amen father.

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